Case Studies


Tackling each web design project with passion and determination, we’ve been working hard to turn heads for our partners. Here are a few of our projects that not only deliver great customer experiences, but have driven a minimum of a 40% increase in organic search traffic.

Candidate recruitment system

A web based application to automate the entire operations of a clinic, starting from patient registration to report generation & collection. The solution enables smooth handling of day to day activities with a capacity of handling 150+ patients daily.

  • Patient registration
  • Patient history
  • Clinical test reports
  • Prescription
  • Diagnosis
  • Collection
  • Report generation
  • Chemist
  • Cash/ Non-Cash Transactions
Stanford Student Space Initiative

e-Learning Apps for Kids


Making learning a whole load of fun for K-12 Students

More than fifteen educational apps in this group created specially to make classroom sessions interesting

  • Converts traditional lessons into interactive books
    • Water Cycle
    • Unborn baby growth cycle
    • Word Puzzles
  • Each book with engaging graphics and interactive sequences
  • Enticing animations to generate interests

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